No email verification box in v5?

fribse 25 Apr, 2016
I'm moving a few more forms from v4 to v5, but now I'm stumped, I don't see an email verification function?
The form is for registered users.
If they want to join the diving club, they must fill in this form, and then they will get an email to ask them if they are sure, and after they verify it, they are enrolled as members.
I've done it in v4, where I have a very nice pair of emailverification boxes, but I don't see it in v5?
GreyHead 25 Apr, 2016
Hi fribse,

I don't see it there either. There are a couple of ways to handle it:

a. use the Joomla! Registration to register them on the site as this includes Email verification.

b. Set up your own. Create a unique ID for them, save their data to a table with the ID; add a link in the email including the ID and pointing to a new form event; in the form event use the ID to look up the saved data and then re-save it with the validation confirmed.

fribse 25 Apr, 2016
Ok, the a is not an option, as I want an extra email verification, but b sounds very complicated. I think for now, I'll leave the forms in CFv4, will it be implemented as we know it from CFv4 later on?
Or I might have to do it in a completely different way, I would very much like to get rid of v4 :-)
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