How to bypass NoCaptcha check when fails on separate pages

jmeidal 18 Apr, 2016
I have a multi-page form and looking to see how I can ensure the NoCaptcha is checked and validated a single time, and then is not repeated if another form element has an error.

Page 1: Form fields + NoCaptcha loaded
Page 2: Credit Card fields + NoCaptcha checked
Page 3: Text + check (Fail events set to Event Loop to Page 2)
Page 4 (submit): Text

When Page 2 submits and fails (I'm failing it on purpose now) it doesn't bump me back to Page 2 but rather to Page 1 with the notice that failed, but also that NoCaptcha needs to be checked.

What I'm looking for is to have fail and the NoCaptcha check to be sticky and allow the fail to route to Page 2, not Page 1.

Should I have any special variable set to allow for this? Or is it not possible to combine the checks as close as I do--do I have to separate out my pages more so that the checks don't overlap? I would prefer not to do this if possible.

Thank you for considering this.
jmeidal 18 Apr, 2016
I just found this article, which I'm going to see solves it for myself:
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