strange form action

t3living 11 Apr, 2016
this is a strange one, not sure if it is a bug or something else.

I have 3 forms that I use in consecutive order
(1) Register - puts contact info into a db table
(2) login or create - which either logs an existing use in, or creates a joomla account
(3) pay

I use data->session to pass some variable from form to form.

So here's the odd thing.
when I run the sequence from the admin panel (logged in as admin) the forms work perfect (1)->(2)->(3) everything is fine.
but when I log out of everything and run the forms from a menu item it get (1)->(2)->(1) I get no error messages, I've put debug components at various places to try to catch something and i've got nothing.

I can run each form from the front end by typing in the URL manually, so it does not seem like a permission thing.

Any clues to help?
t3living 11 Apr, 2016
after far too many hours of trying things.....I disabled the "Relative URL" setting of the HTML Render and the page works. There must be something about the interaction of the site's url settings and CF5. any insights to share?
GreyHead 11 Apr, 2016
Hi t3living,

Please check the FAQ "My form doesn't save, submit, send emails" for more info. The SEF behaviour has changed somehow in recent vesions of Joomla and now form Action URLs that should be unchanged are badly mangled.

My preferred solution (in the FAQ) is to use hidden menu items as action URLS. It gives a neat result and is reliable.

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