Use CF4 Joomla User Actions to interact with a remote database

mapme 26 Mar, 2016

We have a main website along with a number of sub-domain websites that are using independent user databases. We are using CF V4 on each site to manage user registration, user profile update, user login/logout, etc. In all registration cases we make use of the CB profile update for #_comprofiler table.

We are now at the stage where our original plan is no longer sustainable and we want to consolidate all the user databases into a single super-database with the user tables managing all sites. There are obviously multi-site extensions that can do this but I believe CF V4 can be tweaked in the code to handle this for us. Besides, if this works for us using CF then we will greatly reduce administration using a simple action or two...

I believe the various action PHP pages can be altered to point to the super-database to manage all database CRUD actions for users. But we do not know how to do this! The concept is very much similar to the DB Save action, where MySQL credentials from an external database can be used instead of the default Joomla database for the current site. We would like all the Joomla user actions to have a form like this where we can pass the external database.

Is Bob or anyone else out there willing to make this happen for us? The sites are based on CF V4 and there are no imminent plans to update as they are all (otherwise) working well and there would be too much of a transition for now.

Thanks a lot,

GreyHead 27 Mar, 2016
Hi Brendan,

That's a bit complicated for me to get my head round on a Sunday afternoon. It should be possible to use the Advanced tab in the CFv4 DB Save action to save to any accessible database. Is that enough for what you need?

If not, please PM or Email me and we can look further.

mapme 01 Apr, 2016
Hi Bob,

Apologies for the long winded approach, especially on a Sunday afternoon!

Basically wanted the Joomla user actions to interact with a remote database instead of the local database. I managed to achieve this with a 3rd party plugin called Mighty Sites and it worked a treat.

It's a really good extension and allows a lot more than just the user tables integration across databases. It works with other components such as CF, so you can manage a single site and build forms but reuse them on other sites at no additional effort.

Thanks for the response.

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