Add CCV to full action?

webmasterancilla 24 Mar, 2016

Can I add Card Code Verification (CCV) to the full Action?
I didn't see it there.

GreyHead 25 Mar, 2016
Hi Mike,

I did a quick check of the docs and I think you can add it in the Extra Params box of the action as x_card_code=input_name That should send the CVV to ANet.

I think that you would then have to add custom code - presumably to the On Declined event - to handle CVV errors.

webmasterancilla 28 Mar, 2016
So CCV is not commonly used on forms? What do people use?
We're a not for profit seeking donations and we're getting hammered by people apparently testing stolen credit cards so I'm looking for an extra measure of security.
I'm using what used to be called Anti-Flood, but these miscreants seem to be generating random IP numbers so each submission looks unique.
GreyHead 28 Mar, 2016
Hi Mike,

Most people avoid taking cc numbers on their own sites and instead redirect the user to a gateway for validation and payment. I don't think that there is much local validation you can do with a CVV number - Amex use 4 digits and pretty much everyone else uses three but that aside anything might be valid.

I've used the Stripe JavaScript library to validate credit card info in a form - but your scammers may have js disabled and while it will pick up typos it won't spot fakes.

The next alternative is probably to use an ANet API library - I think that some of them will let you check the card number and CVV validity before you submit the transaction.

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