Style width

bcouvin 21 Mar, 2016

I tried to get an input element with a width that takes all the page width.

So in the style field, I filled:

This is not work. Is it the correct syntax for this field? I tried also to put the value "XXL" in the class field but this gives a size not enough large as I need.

Thanks for your help
GreyHead 21 Mar, 2016
Hi Bertrand,

Setting the width to 100% will give you the full width of the containing element - probably a div. You will need to set the width of that - and probably it's parent too to get the input to be page-width.

mmaack 01 Dec, 2016
If you're OK with the labels beIng on top, I've found that setting the field class to F (100% width in the Bootstrap CSS) and then customizing ( or overriding the CSS if possible) the .gbs3 .gcore-display-table style by adding "width: 100%;" does the trick.


.gbs3 .gcore-display-table {
display: table;
width: 100%;

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