Unique ID [HG] need url to download

saveg 25 Feb, 2016
Im looking to download UID HG form
also giving error
can someone update me how to make a field within a form to assign a client code as an auto increment starting from 100000 lets say.
I want every successful submit in the form to trigger a client id which is auto fetched from a dbs last record.
say for axample client id 100001 then 100002 then 100003 onwards.
keep in mind that im also using joomla reg action to insert the user.
just wondering if this is possible or shall I just use the joomla own used id.
GreyHead 26 Feb, 2016
Hi saveg, has some problems with messed up SEF URLs :-( It's long overdue for an update when I have a free day.

The Unique [ID] action generates a unique random string* so may not do for what you need. Your best solution here might be to save the data to a database table then use the record id as the identifier - you can either set the identifier to start at 100000 or you can add the 10000 to the row number to get the value you want.


* I'm not a fan of serial ids as they make it easy to guess what other ids might be valid - that's a potential problem if you use ids in URLs or as identifiers in forms.
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