Put id in memory

brononius 23 Feb, 2016

I've got several tables (fe users, hours, reports...). And I'm thinking to create something like:

[list=][*]Form 1
Select/Search on specific name
[*]Result 1
Show All data about the person (fe id, address, phone, mail.....)
And on the bottom some 'buttons' for hours, reports...
[*]Result 2 (when we click on button hours)
The results (fe overview hours) for the user id from Form 1...[/list]

Now my question: Can we put the user id in a kind of memory/cache? Or how should I do this?
GreyHead 23 Feb, 2016
Hi brononius,

You can use the Data to Session and Session to Data actions to pass data between forms.

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