Chrono Database and Tags

batvink 11 Feb, 2016
Hi all,

I am trying to work out how to allow the use of Tags with a Chrono Connectivity / forms implementation.

I will have a table with a small number of fields, entered by the user. I want to allow them to add tags associated with the entry. I know this is possible for Joomla articles with an extension, but does anyone have any experience or ideas for a Chrono table?
GreyHead 12 Feb, 2016
Hi batvink,

There's nothing special about the tables that ChronoForms/ChronoConnectivity use. They are just the same as any other database table. I did look at the Joomla! tagging code a year or two ago and iirc it was quite tricky to use :-(

Basically you can either save a list of tags (or tag ids) into a column in the table - or, better, you can use three tables: one for your records, a second for tags and a third to link the two with record_id and tag_id. The latter two may already exist in Joomla!.

batvink 12 Feb, 2016
Thanks for the reply. This is what I suspected, but I am always looking for people far smarter than I am to verify it!
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