Convert from V3/4 to V5

Sjarel77 14 Jan, 2016
Good morning

On my Joomla website, I had Chronoforms V3 installed, which was always working.
Now with the necessary updates, in the back-end it's not possible anymore to edit the forms.
When I want to go to the form-manager, I get a "500 server error". and that's it.

So I thought with the installation of V5 it would solve the problem
But no, it's a totally new component.
Eventhough it's validated, I can't see my forms anymore.

Is it possible to transfer my old forms to V5? like with phpmyadmin?
Are there some tricky steps?

GreyHead 14 Jan, 2016
Hi Seppe,

Please see this FAQ - that may explain the problem if you have upgraded Joomla! recently.

There is no automatic upgrade from CFv4 to CFv5 - you can import the Form HTML with the Restore but the best solution is to re-build your forms. Both CFv4 and CFv5 run on Joomla! 3.4 so you can keep the CFv4 forms until you need to change them.

Sjarel77 15 Jan, 2016
The FAQ did the job.
very nice!

thank you
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