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antons21 14 Jan, 2016

I have frontview table created in Chronoconnectivity. I would like to set it viewable only for super users or registerd users. If I set appropriate front view permissions (allowed for super users) I get the message "Access denied". Only Public- Allow works, but the table is visible to everyone who has link.
Where is my mistake? May be anyone can suggest something?

GreyHead 14 Jan, 2016
Hi antons21,

Please set Public to Allowed - it's not really 'public' but the root of the User Groups.

Then Disallow Guests, etc. and Allow Super Admins

antons21 15 Jan, 2016
Thank You for response!

No results. In my configuration I open front list as separate Joomla page by clicking on created menu item with direct link to front view page. May be this is an issue.
GreyHead 15 Jan, 2016
Hi antons21,

By all means PM me the site URL, the form name, and a SuperAdmin login and I'll take a quick look.

dan40 20 Jan, 2016
What was the outcome of this? I'm having the same issue. I set Public and Guest permissions to "Allowed" and don't see any results.
antons21 21 Jan, 2016
My experience shows, that for Front view I need to set Public permission Allowed. Only then I cannot get the message Access Denied even if super user is logged in Joomla.
GreyHead 21 Jan, 2016

The permissions seem to use the Group tree which is like this in a standard Joomla! installation:
| – Guest
| – Manager
| – | – Administrator
| – Registered
| – | – Author
| – | – | – Editor
| – | – | – | – Publisher
| – Super User

The permissions are 'inherited' down the tree. So if Public does not have access then nor does anyone else. Note that here Public means 'everyone' not just guests!!!

So to let Super Admins have access you need to allow Public and then disallow Guest, Manager and Registered.

In my experiments it doesn't seem possible to allow SuperUsers without allowing Public.

antons21 23 Jan, 2016
Thank You for explanation. However I got access denied message if set guest to disallowed even is admin or superuser logged in.
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