Error on saving - Form too long/big?

Kronosites 12 Jan, 2016

I have been working in a big form and I haven't got any problem.
I'm actually in the point that if I open the form and, without touching something, and I save the form all works fine.
BUT, if I open the form, add some boxes (for example, text box) and then try to save, an error appears: chonoforms say me this:
[list] · Save Failed[/list]
[list] · A form title is required and should NOT have any spaces or special characters.[/list]
And, when this error appears, chonoforms load a new form, in blank (see attached image)

What's happening?
Can I add "infinity" number of field, boxes, etc., or chronoforms have a max. numer of them?
In addition, when I load my form it spends at least 1-2 min to load completely.

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