Events in Element settings - more operators possible?

HerKle 23 Nov, 2015
with the radio button element I can control the appearance of following input fields by using "events" in the element's setting.

Though, the operators "=" and "!=" are a bit limited. If eg. I want to show the next field depending on that at least one of two options (with values "1" and"2") is checked, I can't construct a working logic with those operators, since !=2 could also mean =1. I rather needed operators like "<" and ">" (or "&&" resp. "||" to expand the comparison) to respond to the task I need.

Is there any future planning to create more operators?

Thanks and kind regards,
GreyHead 23 Nov, 2015
Hi Herbert,

I don't know what Max's plans are I'd guess that he probably isn't going much further with event options. There comes a point where it is simpler to do what you need with custom JavaScript.

HerKle 23 Nov, 2015
Too bad, Bob,

I'm happy to understand HTML, CSS and PHP at my age. I tried to avoid to learn another language as long as possible. And second reason, users have the possibility to deactivate JavaScript in their browsers, which would make my form not work properly.
But I can live with it. CF remains my favourite form generator anyway.

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