Events do not work with checkbox groups

HerKle 18 Nov, 2015

I learned in this forum that checkbox groups in combination with events do not work as smoothly as radio buttons or dropdown menus. I can confirm that.

On Tab »So, 08.05.« of this page the radio buttons (line 3+4) shouldn't show up unless the second checkbox has been checked. Since this is the only checkbox group+event combination of the entire form, while all the others are combinations of radio buttons+events, the presumed checkbox problem is obviously existing.

Hope this observation might help someone to fix the bug.

GreyHead 19 Nov, 2015
Hi HerKle,

Please see this post which identifies the cause of the bug. But no fix :-(

HerKle 19 Nov, 2015
Thanks Bob,

since it was not that crucial, I could live with ist.

But an other observation I forgot to mention was that I choose the checkbox group for allowing users to check several boxes instead of only one (which is the case with radio). Unfortunately, the debugger showed that when both ckeckboxes were checked, their values did not appear in an expected array, but only the last one made it as a single value into form->data array. That's why I had to split both boxes into two separate checkbox groups (before you ask why not using a single checkbox then: those have no event option and at that time I was still in hope that the bug might have been fixed already).

So there seems a lot more to improve with these checkbox groups, what might be worth of looking into it. :-)

GreyHead 19 Nov, 2015
Hi Herbert,

It sounds as though you may not have given the checkbox group an array name like SoVp[] - that is needed to return an array of results rather than the last one only (and the same for a multi-select drop-down).

HerKle 19 Nov, 2015
Oops, that's true, Bob. I missed that one. :-(
Thanks again,
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