Open paypal form from CC listing

ArnKor 12 Nov, 2015

i would like to link from the price column of my CC listing to the paypal form opening up in an modal window.

I achieved this by using the modal plugin referenced in the forums.

So this is working great: The purchased article with its price is opened in the paypal form. But:

When i click on the submit button a new window is opened. I would prefer to stay in the modal window. Is that possible? How can i do this?

Please see screenshots for details.

Thanks & kindest regards,
GreyHead 12 Nov, 2015
Hi ArnKor,

I think that you'd need to load the modal window as an iFrame to stay in it. I'm not 100% certain that PayPal will accept a transfer from an iFrame though as it's a potential security risk.

ArnKor 12 Nov, 2015
Hello Bob,

ok, i think i will stick to this solution then.

Once more: Thank you for your support!

Kindest regards,
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