Custom Code + Events

CyrilJFrei 20 Oct, 2015
I made a form through 'Custom Code' (mainly because the Wizard doesn't work good enough with it's drag and drop).

Now I need to enable/disable some fields dynamically. With the Wizard I would simply add an Event to the button which enables/disables.

But how can I do that, when I only have custom code?
GreyHead 20 Oct, 2015
Hi CyrilJFrei,

The Event Wizard is linked to the Designer tab as far as I know so if you don't use that you have to custom code your events JavaScript.

What is the problem with the drag and drop? Have you tried a different browser?

CyrilJFrei 27 Oct, 2015
Thanks for the response.

How would the according JavaScript look like? I found some solutions via Google, but they seem rather messy, so I would appreciate to know what the 'correct' way of doing this would be.

I can't drag'n'drop out of a container and I can't drag'n'drop in/out of Multi-Fields.

(if there would be an option to convert "Custom Code" => "Wizard" that would be great, but probably not feasible)
GreyHead 28 Oct, 2015
Hi CyrilJFrei,

Drag and Drop should work OK unless there is a JavaScript error on the page. Have you tried a different browser?

By all means PM me the site URL and a SuperAdmin login and I'll take a quick look.

CyrilJFrei 29 Oct, 2015
I sent you a PM.

I still would like to know how to write proper JavaScript.
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