Send email to multiple addresses

BuDuS 06 Oct, 2015
I want to send email to multiple addresses.
In the old version of chronoforms (v3), I have used this syntax (in the 'To' field):,,

and it works perfectly.

In the new version I have tried more syntaxes and doesn't work (comma, space, semicolon).

The "Mailing Method" is "PHP Mailer".

Thanks, Andrea.
BuDuS 06 Oct, 2015
Sorry, but I have read this post and seems not correlated to my problem.
GreyHead 06 Oct, 2015
Hi Andrea,

A comma separated list of addresses - with no spaces - works OK in CFv5. I have used it often.

BuDuS 06 Oct, 2015
I have thought a wrong separator but it's not.

The problem is elsewhere, I have found that some addresses work fine and some else don't; probably something at the server level (incoming spam seems empty ... mah), I investigate more...

Thanks Bob.

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