show form selections in the form

bluehorizon 01 Sep, 2015

I have a multi page form and would like to show the selections a visitor has made from the first page on the second page.
So a visitor selects an option from the first page on the multi page form and clicks on the next button, when the second page loads I have a description telling them they have chosen..... and then they select a radio button to confirm and go onto the third page where the form is finished and submitted.

I tried handle array and render form into a field but this did not work.

any help please would be great.
GreyHead 01 Sep, 2015
Hi Keith,

Add a Multi Page action the beginning of the On Submit event of the first form and the On Load event of the second form. Then use a Custom Code element with {input_name} to display the data. e.g.
<p>Dear {first_name} {last_name}</p>
<p>You chose {input_name} and {some_other_name} . . .</p>

bluehorizon 03 Sep, 2015
Thanks for this Bob, much appreciated, and have it working, will add in event to disable other selections on page if one is selected, however on the 2nd page all shows fine but how do I hide the selections that are not selected?

i.e results:

Dear {first_name} {last_name}

You chose Activated Protein C Resistance Anaemia Profile {checkbox195} and {haemotology_profile}

S I need to hide {checkbox195} and {haemotology_profile} which have not been selected.

many thanks
GreyHead 03 Sep, 2015
Hi Keith,

In the Checkbox elements in the Designer tab, open them up and scroll down to the bottom, set Enable Ghost to Yes. That should make sure that an empty value is set for those boxes if nothing is selected.

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