activating PayPal actions ultimate

hakanelgin 01 Sep, 2015

I have two questions:

1) I purchase "PayPal actions ultimate" but I can't validate plugin, how can I generate validation key?
2) I start to use develop my form with paypal sandbox but payment page of paypal give me just possibility to pay with paypal account but I want to give my customers choice to pay with paypal account and also paying with debit or credit cart, how do I do that?


Hakan Elgin
GreyHead 01 Sep, 2015
Hi Hakan,

Max sends you an updated version of the plug-in after you purchase it, if you haven't received it, please use the Contact Us menu above to ask him for it (quote your sale id in the message).

The Payment page of PayPal will usually offer a credit card option (it seems to vary depending on the user). Check the PayPal FAQs for more info.

hakanelgin 03 Sep, 2015

I did not saw mail from Max, I was in spam box, I contact him just now as you ask.

I will check paypal faq

thank you

hakanelgin 05 Sep, 2015
this issue solved,

Thank you
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