Chronoform V5 only sends email ONE time - then never again

mojzi 24 Aug, 2015

I have a very annoying problem, I hope you can give me some hint how to solve that.

I used Chronoforms for a couple of years now, everything fine. Now I tried out Chronoforms V5, at Joomla 3.4.3. With the help of this tutorial it works fine (see the form here:

BUT - it only sends emails ONE TIME (one to the admin, one to the interested customer) - and then never again. If I "build" a new form, it is the same - only one time emails, and then it stops sending.

The first form was with db safe and nocaptcha - but now it is the same case only with a simple form. After one successful run (safe in database, send emails) - it stops working. What's going on here? How can I solve that?

Thank you a lot,

GreyHead 24 Aug, 2015
Hi Werner,

ChronoForms has no memory so it can't behave like this on its own - there has to be an external explanation. My best guess is that you have some kind of SEF Component running (possibly the Joomla! ReDirect) and the first time the form submits the Submit URL is added to the SEF database and after that it redirects wrongly so the form does not submit at all. That would explain the behaviour you are seeing.

mojzi 24 Aug, 2015
Hi Bob,

thank you for your fast answer.

This post helped, now:

Step by step I will develop the form, now (and afterwards I will turn on - step by step - the cache and SEF components, again).

Thank you,

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