Save Form and resume later

Yudhizth 19 Aug, 2015
Dear all,

I have a form that requires the user to login first. I want to create temporary save and retrieve the data when users back into form. Based on this topic I still confused to use two submit button on single page. The point is, how to create temporary save and resume the form.

GreyHead 19 Aug, 2015
Hi Yudhizth,

Can you use an Authenticator action and redirect any user who is not logged it to the login page before they can access the form? That's much simpler that letting them start and then login.

Yudhizth 19 Aug, 2015
I had been using db read to detect whether the user has been logged or not, I don't realized that chronoform have authenticator action T_T. Thanks Bob, and how to retrieve the data that user create before from temporary table into each elements, and when user click submit button (final submit) it will save to final table?
GreyHead 21 Aug, 2015
Hi Yudhizth,

I add a 'status' column to the table to track if the form has been finally submitted; and an identifier to re-open the record. The identifier might be a user id (if there is only one record per user and they are logged in), or an email address, or - my preference - a short random string that they can enter to re-access the record.

So when they come back you use a DB read to check if a record exists and is still open for editing and load the data from it.

And when they finally save you change the status to 'saved' to prevent further editing.

Yudhizth 21 Aug, 2015
Ok, I'll try your advice, I think you should create it to form demo🙂 Thanks
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