unable to make changes

mbohunovsky 27 Jul, 2015
I newly installed Chronoforms on this site. I can create a form and save it. However, when I go back to the form and make any changes, after saving the changes of one of the actions in Setup, and then clicking the "Save" button in the overall form, everything grays out becomes uneditable.
For example: If I then go back to edit the email action, all the fields are grayed out and the cursor turns into a circle with a 45 degree line. Also, If I click "Save and Close" in the main form interface, nothing happens. The only way I can proceed is by completely exiting the form edit interface. when I then come back to the form, nothing has changed (including the initial change I made at the very beginning.

It looks like it might be hanging on the initial save, or something like that.
it's not specific to just that one form, as I tried making a duplicate and editing the new copy, but it behaves the same way.

Any ideas what might be going on?

GreyHead 28 Jul, 2015
Hi Markus,

Please see this FAQ. The symptom you describe isn't quite the same - it's possible that there is a JavaScript error on the page. Do you see anything if you check your browser web develop tools?

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