bug after update

andreapi 18 Jul, 2015

I recently made the update from joomla 3.4.1 to 3.4.3 and my form doesn't send emails anymore, it works using the "form test" in the admin side but the live site doesn't. Could you help me, this is a bedandbreakfast business site in the south of france in high season and the client is not too happy...
I can send you the access codes to the admin side if you need.
GreyHead 18 Jul, 2015
Hi André,

Is the problem that the form is not submitting at all, or that it is submitting but the email isn't sending? My guess is that it isn't submitting at all.

How is the form displayed on the site - I guess that it is using the ChronoForms Plug-in in an article (or articles) or in a module?

Please see this FAQ and see if that helps.

andreapi 18 Jul, 2015
Thank you for your quick answer. I disabled the 'relative url' option and it's working fine again. For the record the problem started after an update.

with my gratitude!
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