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Latest comments don's show up

NickN , October 04 2008, 11:11
NickN 9
October 04 2008, 11:11 #14653
Hi there,

I have setup the module to show latest comments on my front page but module don't refresh. So i see only first 7 reactions. <=== see what i mean
admin 32
October 04 2008, 11:23 #14654
Hi Nick,

I see you have 7 comments and the module shows 7, whats the problem then ?

I see the credit link is not there too, are you a license owner ?

NickN 9
October 04 2008, 11:45 #14659
Tnx for fast replay
Yes thay show up but not the last one's

....i have the license for chronoforms

Thank you for your interest and support for us, attached a licensed version of Chronoforms without the backlink, in the future you can order any new version of Chronoforms with license by just mentioning your details.

.....but i don't have one for this one... i like to try before by :wink: i hope thats not a problem
admin 32
October 04 2008, 11:56 #14660
Hi Nick, Ok no problems, do you have the module setting ORDER as ASC or DESC ?
NickN 9
October 04 2008, 13:21 #14661
it was so simple

admin 32
October 04 2008, 15:50 #14664
No worries!
dayworks 9
October 09 2008, 15:37 #14875
Sorry, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but my ChronoComments module (1.1) doesn't have and ORDER field. This is what I have under Module Parameters...

MODULE HEADER   Here's what some people are saying:<br/>
MODULE BODY   <strong>{name}: </strong><a href="index.php?option={component}&view=article&id={pageid}#commentID{id}">{text}...</a><br>
Module Class Suffix

I didn't see anything in the component parameters either and the plugin has no parameters. Did I miss something? I would mention that under the module's Details, the description states, "Description: DESCLATESTCOMMENTS" and that is what is in the module's XML file.
revive 111
October 16 2008, 19:25 #15435
Hey Dayworks..

check the download section, I believe it is V1.2 that has the sorting built into the module..