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Save | Export to Excel file

tempus , November 02 2020, 09:01
tempus 110
November 02 2020, 09:01 #394683
Please help to find or advice where to look at the functionality to make more or less natively export or save form data to xls or xlsx.
I am looking at multiple scripts on GitHub, but I remember in V5 was this action as native. Now the main platform for me is V6
tempus 110
November 03 2020, 14:30 #394704
Do you have any ideas, friends?
admin 32
November 03 2020, 14:39 #394707
if you are willing to go to v7 then I can add this feature and send you a patch file, just let me know using the Contact page!
But it will be a .csv file, you can still open it in Excel!
tempus 110
November 03 2020, 14:48 #394710
Thanks, Max
I have .csv already configured, it helps a lot.
But for now I have to make functionality to save form data at least in .xlsx with formatted tables and minimum header/footer text in it.
Can you offer me to make this action as paid service? Even if then it will be one of the standard actions in CF7 or CC, I think I can pay some affordable price for developing.
admin 32
November 04 2020, 00:27 #394719
Can be, please send me a message using the contact page to discuss this in more details!
kgriffin 176
January 12 2021, 15:05 #395646
Hi Max-
I am in need of this for v7. Anyway you might be able to send me a patch file for csv exports?
GreyHead 65
January 14 2021, 11:33 #395660
Hi tempus,
If your host permits remote access then there is a MySQL extension for Excel that allows direct updating of your spreadsheet from the database table.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much