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Created database not showing in ReadData

flyboeing , April 18 2020, 15:11
flyboeing 150
April 18 2020, 15:11 #392041
Hi all,
I created a form which contains the Read Data snippet.
In my MYSQL database I created a new database called 'Aircrafts', with 4 columns.
I went back to my form and in the Read Data my newly created database 'aircrafts' won't show up in the list of databases.
I cleared the cache of my Joomla site and also from CFv6.
Does someone have an idea how to fix this?
admin 33
April 18 2020, 16:22 #392047
Are you sure that you have cleared the CF6 cache in the CF6 admin menu ?
flyboeing 150
April 18 2020, 17:58 #392048
I cleared the cache in:
Components --> Chronoforms6, click the ... on the right side (right of the 'validate' button) and choose 'clear cache'.
In the ReadData my newly created database still won't show up.