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WordPress bug?

Crams , April 07 2019, 14:59
Crams 38
April 07 2019, 14:59 #385692
Hi, not sure if it's a bug or me doing something wrong, but on the WP plugin whenever I change default event to something else than "load" (for example "bla") the form will not find that event and show the "Event not found" value, in my case being "<h1>Error</h1>"
I'm clueless, am I doing something wrong?
Help pL0x!
Edit: Forgot to mention that the reason I'm using a different default event is because I have two forms at different locations in the same page and events with same event name conflict
Crams 38
April 07 2019, 15:00 #385694
admin 28
May 06 2019, 12:32 #386563
Hi Crams,
Thank you for reporting this!
What happens when you apply the new update ?
You may also convert the forms to the new v6.1 mode and enable the "pages order" setting to force the form to use the pages available only!
Best regards
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Crams 38
May 29 2019, 02:43 #387102
Hey Max, just read this and I'm gonna try it right away and let you know
Thanks a lot!!