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Languages manager doesn't work

Laurine , September 14 2018, 18:58
Laurine 1
September 14 2018, 18:58 #380178
I have a following problem:
Using CF2 in Joomla 3.8.12. Tried to make a translation, but after saving nothing happened.
- Builded new language (named hu_HU).
- Edited the strings, made translation.
- Tried to save it, with "save as custom" button.
- I had "The language file has been saved successfully" message.
- ....and nothing happens. Strings turned back to english, and forums still english too.
If I refresh, the Languages manager page is empty again, I can build the hu_HU language file again.
What's I doing wrong?
trainervoetbal 1
May 18 2020, 08:00 #392546
same problem here
online-today 26
May 22 2020, 06:30 #392653
I translated it into German and it works now. The crucial steps for me were:
1. The language file has to have the exact name Joomla uses for the language.
2. This language has to be chosen as the standard content language in Joomla.
By the way: If you enter the language shortcut above and press "build language file" the file you worked on is opened again.