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Help with event switcher

Fredolino , November 18 2017, 15:45
Fredolino 592
November 18 2017, 15:45 #373620

I have a login form with CF6.
The user must log in with first and last name, e-mail and a code.
The codes are categorized (ony 4 Categories) and stored in a table in the database.
At login, the input code is compared with the code in the database.
If the code does not exist in the database, an error message appears.
If the code exists in the database:
Save User-Action include in success Login-Action
Login-Action include success with redirected to a page.


Karl Napp
Hidden field: hiddenuser
Code: ffff

ffff | Kat20 | index.php/20-eur
wwww | Kat10 | index.php/10-eur

With the code "ffff" the user comes to the non-public page index.php / 20-eur

User groups and access rights are already set up in Joomla User Management.

I am stuck with my CF6 project and would like to ask if anyone can help me.
The project is located on a test server. I can give the access data for the backend.
The component MijoSQL is installed.

For a solution comes my donation. :-)

Best regards
healyhatman 8
November 06 2018, 08:39 #381306
How much of a donation? You can email me at
Web developer at - I DO NOT work for ChronoEngine!
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