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Redirect not performing in 2 of 5 forms

jelliott , March 14 2016, 17:31
jelliott 9
March 14 2016, 17:31 #357540

I have 5 forms built in Chronoforms, each with the same setup, all redirecting to thank you pages on submit. However, recently the forms are being held up during the redirect and as a result the form neither submits or redirects. I have set the Relative URL setting to 'No', but that has not solved the problem.

On submit, rather than displaying the proper redirect page, a blank page displays with the following message:
Our website is protected by DMC Firewall!
This script was created by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd who are Joomla Security Experts

This is the firewall plugin we use, but the other forms perform as expected so I'm not sure the firewall is to blame.

Any insight you can provide would be great.

GreyHead 64
March 14 2016, 20:16 #357541
Hi jelliott,

ChronoForms just does redirect to the URL you specify - so my guess is either that the Firewall is blocking them or the URLs are somehow broken. I suggest that you try turning the FireWall off temporarily and see if that fixes the problem.

Can you post some of the URLs you see after redirection here please.

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