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Save data from Advanced Form

JBS posted Nov 24, 2022 at 18:55
Another topic about saving form data in CF7
The options added to Settings > Behaviors (like Log Data) are not executed when using an Advanced Form, right?
So the easy way to store the data of a form is not working with an Advanced Form.

I have read several topics about the subject 'store data', and if I understood them right, I need to create a table via PHPMyAdmin or an Admin Installer. About creating the table: I need to create in the table also the columns based on the field types of the form? Also mentioned elsewhere: this is quite hard to do/manage. There is still no easier way like we had in earlier versions of CF (option to create the table for a specific form from the CF user interface)?
pgrnycomdir posted Nov 28, 2022 at 15:47

I am probably the least techie or a programmer on this site and I was able to do it. There are some excellent YouTube videos out there on how to utilize PHPMyAdmin (copying or creating a data table from scratch) and they helped me a lot.

I have now re-created all 8 of my forms from CF6 to CF7. And have made data tables for all of them. And yes, to do that it has to be advanced form.

Your should name your new data tables will be named as slh81_chronog3_data_ XXXXX where the "X's" are the name you give to that individual data table.

There are a number of very helpful people on this forum, so post your questions.

Best regards,
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