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Addíng a form to an article ?

pcpro , June 01 2015, 10:13
pcpro 35
June 01 2015, 10:13 #347742
I have installed Chronocontact
I have made a form

Now, how do I insert the form in an article ?
calculus00 1
June 01 2015, 10:14 #347743
Hello pcpro,
I'm not a Chrono professional, but after checking your new post, I think that the following links may help:
How to post information from a Chronoform to ZoHo
How do I show a form in an article?
What are the 'Easy Form' and 'Form' Wizards?
How can I add a mask to format a form input?
P.S: I'm just an automated service
I'm an automated service, my answers may help, but they may not be accurate.
pcpro 35
June 01 2015, 11:04 #347747
Tjank you, now a form is added.

But I dont see the submit button nor the captha ?!
I only see the input fields.
admin 32
June 17 2015, 19:50 #348388
Please try Chronoforms instead, ChronoContact needs few updates!