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engagement for a little work

Gekroon , May 26 2015, 08:47
Gekroon 1
May 26 2015, 08:47 #347488
Hi everybody
i need help for make a form that permit to users to select a model of scale with the options of personalization. In simple words for a sale quote.

I have six primary typologies

when the user select a specific category another dropdown list have to appear with the models of category (from two to five models on the category)

when the model is selected have to appear the options for the model selected, parapet, materials etc.

after the user have pressed the send button an email with the choose have to be send to the firm.

I have a little budget for this work, but before i want to know the price.

sorry for my english but i am italian and i don't know well the english.

I hope that i have explained well my request. I am waiting to your answer.