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Make chronoconnectivity output enojoy other Joomla content plugins

chronoben , July 17 2014, 08:22
chronoben 48
July 17 2014, 08:22 #333471

I tried many times to embed plug in codes such as {myplugin}bla bla{/plugin} in the output of Chronoconnectivity in order to make use of other Joomla content plug ins but to no avail - chronoconnectivity's output just came out raw ('unprepared' in related Joomla terms).

Well, after a few minutes I got it working but only through the chronoconnectivity plugin - so to enjoy this you should output your chronoconnectivity content using the plug in - direct output will give the normal plain stuff. Hopefully this could be embedded into chronoconnectivity by the honorable Max.

TO get it working simply edit your chronoconnectivity content plug in file:


All that was added was a few lines of code shown below:


return $return;


$customHtml = JHtml::_('content.prepare', $return);

return $customHtml;

Cheers and MAX - keep up the good job.
admin 33
July 19 2014, 16:16 #333589
Thanks for sharing this!