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Form display with out any style

ahnaffff , June 10 2014, 05:30
ahnaffff 1
June 10 2014, 05:30 #331658

I have installed ChronoForm in joomla 1.6.

I can create a form and sent email as well. But when i put link in menu the form display with out any style.

Please see below-

But in FrontEnd view looks fine.

Help please...
GreyHead 65
June 10 2014, 09:28 #331671
Hi ahnaffff,

I can only guess that it is something to do with the way you have the Menu item set up.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
admin 33
June 11 2014, 01:38 #331708
Maybe you changed the template set to the menu item, please check that!