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AcyMailing Newsletter Subscription Using cURL and ChronoForms v5

ozneilau , May 28 2014

I'm not sure if the Curl action in ChronoForms v5 is intended to work the same way as the cURL[GH] action in ChronoForms v4 but it doesn't seem to work quite the same way.

Here is a start to finish tutorial on how I managed to enable an AcyMailing subscription using cURL in ChronoForms v5.

In my form the Newsletter subscription is optional but ticked by default:

Here's how the Newsletter Checkbox is set up in the Designer tab:

In the Setup tab, I have included Custom Code, Event Switcher and Curl actions to process the optional subscription:

The Custom Code sets up the Name and Surname as one field:

The Event Switcher checks whether the Newsletter check-box has been selected or not:

Finally, the Curl action is set up like this:


1. The curly brackets don't seem to be required any more.
2. Apart from the name and email fields, I have included all the other parameters in the "Target URL" field as they didn't seem to work in the "Fields map" field.


1. In the above example, I am concatenating two strings with a space in the middle but ChronoForms v5 does not seem able to handle the space and when I check in AcyMailing, only the first name has been added to the mailing list. I tried "%20" rather than a space but this didn't help.

It took me a while to get this far so I hope this streamlines the process for others!

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I forgot to mention that if you have enabled Captcha in AcyMailing you also need to include the security key in the Target URL" field like this:


You can find your security key in the AcyMailing Configuration under the security tab.

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Update: Please ignore the issue I posted above. I worked out there is a typo in a field name in the Custom Code which should be "ParentGuardianSurname" rather than "ParentGuardianSurame".

That's what you get when you stare at the same code for too long!

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Hi Neil,

Just as a matter of taste I prefer not to add parameters in the target URL but to pu them all in the Fields/Params box - I do understand though that the behaviour of the standard action doesn't encourage that :-(


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