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ChronoForms v4 RC3.5 bugs & fixes

GreyHead , June 03 2012, 12:29
GreyHead 65
June 03 2012, 12:29 #300043
This is a note of reported bugs in ChronoForms v4 RC 3.5

I think that the majority of bugs from previous versions have been fixed, see the list for RC 3.4 here.

[list=a][*]There is no longer any warning that switching from the Normal/Advanced Wizard back to the Easy Wizard may lose edits made in the Normal/Advanced Wizard. We've had a few reports of losses from this.

[*]Not really a bug, agostino posted some improvements to the Submit Article action here

[*]User Agostino posted some improvements to the DB Record Loader action here to handle the case when no record is found.

[*]I was unable to get the Joomla! Plug-ins action to work. I think - but am not sure that it needs to send $form->form_details->content to the plug-in and not $form->content. This modified seems to work OK:
$rowPlg = new stdClass();
//$rowPlg->text = $form->form_output;
$rowPlg->text = $form->form_details->content;
$results = $mainframe->triggerEvent('onContentPrepare', array($context, &$rowPlg, &$contentParams, 0));
//$form->form_output = $rowPlg->text;
$form->form_details->content = $rowPlg->text;

[*]The Email Verification action doesn't create an entry in the Tables Connected column in the Forms Manager. See this post from emmaxx.

[*]There is a bug when the MooTools datepicker is used and the input is validated. See this post for a description and suggested fix.

[*]There appears to be a bug in the Data Viewer toolbar after deleting a record. See url=]this thread[/url]

[*]There is a bug in the title output for the CSV Export [GH] action. See this thread.

[*]There was a bug in the early 3.5 releases that could cause an infinite loop when using containers. User abletect proposed a fix which was adopted in the later release but there is still a small issue with PHP Warnings being generated. See this thread for more info and a fix.

[*]There is a bug in the J3.0 version with JDate in the Joomla! Registration action. See this post for a fix.

[*]There is a bug with the Data republisher for select boxes when the value is empty. See this thread for a possible fix.

[*]The Tabs and slides code is broken in Joomla! 3.0 as the previously deprecated Joomla! code ahs now been removed.[/*][/list:o]
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