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CF 3.2 IE9 Firefox browser problems

Nicodemus , February 01 2012, 10:35
Nicodemus 19
February 01 2012, 10:35 #265883
CF v3.2, CF plugin v3.1rc5.2, Joomla v1.5.25

Submit button does not work in IE9 when form embedded in article. OK in Firefox and OK in both if form called directly. Have had a mate test from different pc in different location, same symptoms.

Joomla plugins:- Mootools update in Joomla is off, email cloaking is loaded early, SEF and Cache (which are both off on the test site) are loaded as late as possible :-)

Test site links:-
Embedded form:
Straight call to form:-

I've reached that point where I'm just spinning my wheels trying to fault find my code and examining my site template code. Any input or inspiration will be gratefully received...

Nick Coe, UK
GreyHead 65
February 01 2012, 11:24 #265892
Hi Nicodemus ,

I suspect that this may be the MooTools + IE9 problem we've seen before - please check this post

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Nicodemus 19
February 01 2012, 12:00 #265894
Perfect Bob! Fixed it a treat, now applied to production domain :-)

Interesting thread that one.

Many thanks,

Nick Coe, UK