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how to upgrade?

briant , May 09 2007, 01:05
briant 20
May 09 2007, 01:05 #333
how do i upgrade from version 1.5 to the latest 1.6? i was trying to upload it on joomla but it this is what i get:

Another component is already using directory: "..\..\components\com_chronocontact\"

should i uninstall the old one first and then install the latest version? will it affect my existing forms?

edit note: the directory doesn't show slashes on my post but i guess it doesn't matter.<br><br>Post edited by: briant, at: 2007/05/08 21:06
admin 32
May 10 2007, 14:41 #339

inorder to upgrade from version 1.5 you have 2 ways :

#1- the easy long way is to keep ur data in some safe place then uninstall and reinstall and redo all ur work.

#2- open ur site with FTP and replace the files in both the component folders under components and administrator/components