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ChronoForms v4

GreyHead , February 08 2011, 08:15
GreyHead 64
February 08 2011, 08:15 #64432
Max has released ChronoForms v4 (currently at RC 1.3).

CFv4 is released for Joomla! 1.5 v1.5.18 or later.
CFv4 requires MooTools 1.2 so the MooTools Upgrade Plug-in must be enabled.

From the front-end CFv4 behaves in a very similar way to CFv3 however the Admin interface and the code structure are very different. CFv4 uses 'Events' and links 'Actions' to the Events so that you can build up a much more customised work-flow than was possible with CFv3.

The Admin interface uses drag-and-drop extensively to link elements into the form and Actions to Events.

Most plug-ins are being re-released as Actions that can be configured and resequenced to meet your needs.


1) CFv4 has been renamed to com_chronoforms so can be installed alongside CFv3 (com_chronocontact) but only one can be used at any time because of the conflicting MooTools requirements.

2) There is no automatic upgrade path from CFv3 to CFv4 other than to copy and paste the Form HTML and other code box elements from one to the other.
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