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Chronocomments breaking Mosets Tree layouts

randy270 , January 05 2011, 01:56
randy270 30
January 05 2011, 01:56 #62758
Frankly, I don't know if this is a Chronocomments issue or a Mosets Tree issue, but...

I have a directory on my site built using Mosets tree, organized by states (Massachusetts, Idaho, etc.). On some of those states, when you go to a list view, the layout breaks because for some reason it can no longer read the CSS. When I disable Chronocomments, all is back to normal.

Apparently, there is some script somewhere that is breaking the connection to the CSS files, but I haven't a clue why this breaks on some listings and not on others. It may happen only on those pages where there the listing paginates.

Oh, and this ONLY happens in IE 7 & 8. All's fine on the Mac and on FF and Chrome on the PC.

Any clue? Right now, I have CC turned off so all looks fine, but obviously this means that no one can leave comments.

My the problem on my site is seen at

I'll leave CC enabled for 24 hours. Thanks for any help.