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shutdown of the backend with 2 forms created

carolusmagnus , December 28 2010, 20:42
carolusmagnus 1
December 28 2010, 20:42 #62501

After creation of a 2nd form, the backend shuts down rapidly.
I use the latest version V3.2 with Windows 7. The same problem exists with Win XP.

what may I do ?

2nd problem:
I want to send to the subscriber of the form a "thank you" mail. The first mail, containing the subscribed form arrives on my mailserver incl. fileupload as desired.(via SMTP) But the second mail c´ant be created: error: "PHP mailer failed"mail adress of the subscriber" or alike. Is that a known bug ? I have spent already days to solve this problem.
The result now is that the first mail w´ont work either, with the error "SMTPerror: Data will not be acceptet."?? But I have changed nothing at the SMTP settings ?

Is there a solution ?


GreyHead 65
December 28 2010, 21:09 #62504
Hi Karl,

There is no reason why the back-end would change after a second form is created unless there is some kind of a problem with the second form.

For the second email you probably have something wrong with the configuration of the Email Setup.

Please take a Form Backup using the icon in the Forms Manager and post it here (as a zipped file) or PM or email it to me and I'll take a closer look.

ChronoForms technical support
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