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Template with localized (english and italian) BBcode panel

mat , August 06 2009, 14:19
mat 32
August 06 2009, 14:19 #38513
I’d like to share the basic template with a a little modification: the BBCode panel is localized with
<?php echo JText::_( 'MY_TEXT' ); ?>
Attached you can see the basic template without the avatar image and a "Written by" text before the user name.
There are also the fontend languages of ChronoComments 1.2 with added the new BBCode language tags.
(7.19 KiB)
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Italian sample.png
Italian sample.png
(17.46 KiB)
3358 Downloads/Views
aristana 1
October 29 2009, 07:55 #42336
Does anyone know where I can find BBCode images for things like hearts and kisses and anything connected to?
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