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url from a menu item

mac , March 04 2009, 00:37
mac 103
March 04 2009, 00:37 #25322
where can I find the internal url to a menu item.
I want to link (text link) from a modul to a menu item (so that the content and the moduls from this menu are shown).

jerominejuliana 1
March 09 2009, 03:24 #25803
Adding Menu Items to Horizontal or Vertical Menus:

To add a Menu Item:

1. Click on the Edit Item Tag in the editing tag for the desired menu. This will take you to the initial Menu Editor screen.

* From any page in the site, click “Layout” in the Editing Menu.
* From the Layout Editor, choose the menu that you wish to edit. Click “Edit”. Remember, your site may have more the one menu.
* From the Menu Block Editor, click “Edit” for the menu block desired. This presents the initial Menu Editor screen.

1. To add a Menu item, click on the “Add New Menu Item” button. This will automatically add a new menu item to the left of the Menu bar

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