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Buttons not responding and some other issues

clinterman , January 13 2009, 04:47
clinterman 9
January 13 2009, 04:47 #21084

First of all I must say that this forum is very accessible in terms of that you can find what your looking for and the responses are very good. Complements for that!

When I press the vote buttons, they don't show the vote. there are entries in the __chrono_comments_rate_log. the rate column of __chrono_comments states zero. Shouldn't there be a number other than zero or even 2 numbers Positive votes / Negative votes?

when I press the submit button the post is saved to the database, but the form stays on the page exactly how I entered and I need the page refresh to show me the comment, is that intented functionality? or should it be refreshed and shown after the submit?

Not filling in the catcha code is not stopping me from posting.


Looking forward to the solution!
admin 33
January 13 2009, 20:29 #21131
Hi clinterman,

the page has some JS errors which may result from some JS files conflicts, your page loads too many JS files and many mootools.js files which may have different versions, you need to disable some files and start testing unless you find where the problem is, if you found something then let me know and I will try to help.

clinterman 9
January 14 2009, 10:58 #21172

I found the plugin that is causing the problem, no idea how to solve it though. Its the Simple Image Gallery Plugin that I downloaded from: Joomlaworks

I has this nice feature showing the images on my site, but now also to prevent me from having usercomments. I would appreciate your help very much.

thanks in advance,
GreyHead 65
January 14 2009, 11:22 #21175
Hi clinteman,

Hard to tell without installing it but the PlugIn is (a) using the legacy code and (b) installing it's own copies of mootools.js and slimbox.js which might be causing some problems.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
clinterman 9
January 14 2009, 14:57 #21193
I see, thank you for your answer. I wasn't waiting in the mean time and found another plugin based to PicLens. That doesn't give me these problems, other of course, but manageble. So lets not waste anymore time on this, thanks again.