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SEF and another question

Heckler , January 10 2009, 08:23
Heckler 12
January 10 2009, 08:23 #20954
How does this whole SEF thing work? I have tried installing sh404SEF but whenever I use that component the site is not able to connect to my template css, and the background is all white and no images are displayed What do you guys use here on this site?

And my second question is, do I have to do anything specific before I move my site from a subfolder to my root folder? I wanna move it from /public_html/joomla to /public_html/. Can I just move the files or will it cause any problems?

GreyHead 64
January 10 2009, 08:48 #20955
Hi Heckler,

I haven't been to check but I think that the only SEF here is Joomla's own. I use she404SEF on some other sites without any problem. But there may be a problem using it with Joomla in a sub-directory - your missing template sounds like a bad link, or a bad link define somewhere.

There *should* be no problem in re-locating Joomla - but there probably will be :-( I recall seeing some threads on this in the forums I think.

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