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[SOLVED] Submit button does not work

bruno71 , October 14 2008, 14:10
bruno71 12
October 14 2008, 14:10 #15202

I installed Chronocomments 1.2 (really looking forward to the Admin Notify feature...), and suddenly the send button (when trying to post a comment) stopped working. Any ideas? Check here:

By the way - great job with this component! It is the best of its kind!

admin 32
October 14 2008, 14:18 #15206
Hi Bruno,

As mentioned in the download page, you should check after installation of the new version if the latest mambot was installed also or not because sometimes it fails and this is what happened here, get the latest mambot and install it and it will fix this!


bruno71 12
October 14 2008, 14:28 #15208
Ah. Thanks! The text after installation read that everything was installed OK.
I should have double checked!

Thanks again for impeccable service as always!