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Read x Comments...Error , September 26 2008, 06:37
A 3
September 26 2008, 06:37 #14126
Hi Admin
Thank you for making ChronoComments again. 8)
I tested it and found the error:
Read articles in blog layout view,,click the Read 0 Comments... of first article(1 & 1---The World's #1 Web Host ),but url is to not,not the same article.The only same thing is 92--the article's id.
How to work it out!
P.S. my version of joomla is 1.5.6

Waiting for your reply.Thanks
admin 33
September 26 2008, 11:17 #14133
Hi, thank you, first I disagree with you, 1&1 is not the best world host!

I agree with you about the problem and it has been fixed and should come at the new release this weekend which will have major chnages and fixes for all discovered issues to date, I suggest you wait a day or two and get the latest and forget this problem!


A 3
September 26 2008, 15:42 #14149
Hi Max
What a great news.We are waiting for the coming release.What's the version name?How to setup?Too much questions.Just waiting.

admin 33
September 26 2008, 16:02 #14150
Hi Wen, it will be V1.2, more info on upgrade when the release comes!


dbamford 1
September 27 2008, 11:55 #14191

I have also had that error. I think there could be problems with the way your component handles the Joomla SEO urls. I also get strange behaviour with the thumbs up/thumbs down images. It tries to load "" when the image is actually located at "". Im not sure is the plus/minus system actually works as i created a test user to try it out and it didnt seem to register any positive or negative votes.

It's a really cool looking start to a component/plugin so I really hope that you can get it sorted out. It's a lot better than those bloated commercial comment systems!

admin 33
September 27 2008, 16:42 #14194
Hi Daniel, I will look in the thumbs link issue, you can't vote from the same IP which created the comment!