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How to translate

bowo , September 24 2008, 12:07
bowo 3
September 24 2008, 12:07 #14001

As I did not find my language yet, I would like to make a translation of Chronocomments in Dutch . Could you discribe how to do this and implement it on my site ?

Thanks for this beautiful piece of software !
admin 33
September 24 2008, 15:19 #14011
Hi bowo, just translate the ini file, similar to all translations here, download any of them and make it dutch!the english version can be found in your site under language/ or administrator/language/ it will start with en-GB then -plg-chronocomments or - com-chronocomments


bowo 3
September 24 2008, 16:30 #14017
Thanx a lot. Issue solved. Once completely finished, I will put the Dutch translation file over here.
admin 33
September 25 2008, 03:36 #14056
cstibi 9
September 29 2008, 12:27 #14256
Do I need to translate all the 3 .ini files? :


Is it OK, that the three files above have the same content?

cstibi from Hungary
/sorry for my English/
admin 33
September 29 2008, 18:15 #14264
Hi, the 3 files doesn't have the same content, and to translate both backend and frontend interfaces you have to translate all of them yes!


mahdif 1
October 29 2009, 07:56 #42337
hello ,
i want to translate your component to persian language , and create that .ini file and copy on its folder,
but i see my website , those translated text changed to this => ???????????....
i think that your file need to utf-8 or unicode ! but how can i do that ?
my site :

my website: