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Position of "Ajax working indicator"

gbx , September 10 2008, 17:00
gbx 6
September 10 2008, 17:00 #13102

A litle suggestion... I think the "ajax working indicator" should be positionned near the action (submit) button, not in the upper right corner of the page.

Best regards,
admin 32
September 10 2008, 18:41 #13106
hi gbx, I agree, will change this!


GreyHead 65
January 24 2010, 08:27 #46063
HI ardienne,

Which browsers do you have in mind? MooTools AJAX is compatible with:
* Safari 2+
* Internet Explorer 6+
* Mozilla Firefox 2+
* Opera 9+
* Camino 1.5+
That doesn't leave much to be detected? IE5 maybe?

Both Joomla and MooTools have browser sniffer code that you could use.

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